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The most common question is how is this possible? Here is the answer why "Radiant Heat" can save you money on your monthly heating costs.

Forced-Air Vs Radiant Heaters

Infrared radiant heating, as opposed to warm air systems (such as a forced air unit heaters), delivers the source of heat to the floor level, not the ceiling. Infrared energy is the oldest form of heating used to provide comfort and is the basis for all heating systems. Infrared energy is total pure radiation and is absorbed by an object without physical contact with the heat source or by heating the surrounding air, as is the case with convective, forced air systems.

Infrared heating is the most efficient and effective method in which to deliver "heat" under the diverse conditions present in warehouses, garages, storerooms as well as the largest facilities imaginable. Radaint heaters are supirior in system efficency, lower monthly heating costs, and lower carbon foot print.

Hot gases are moved through the radiant tube either by vacuum (negative) or power (positive) pressure. The radiant energy produced is then directed downward by the reflectors positioned above the radiant tubes.
The floor is typically the largest mass within any building. Thus the floor becomes the primary source of heat.

Uncontrolled Radiant HEater Energy

A gas fired infra-red heating system emulates the suns radiant output.  Like the sun, the radiant tube emits infrared energy in all directions. Convection loses from a radiant tube which is not covered by a reflector are great.

Controlled Radiant Heater Energy

Reflectors positioned above the radiant tube direct the radiant energy towards the floor area.  The radiant energy is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path.

All of the radiant tubing network associated with both the OMEGA II® and Reflect-O-Ray® systems are covered by reflectors -- including elbows and "U" bends. This important feature allows maximum radiant energy efficiency.



REFLECT-O-RAY® 4.0 Radiant Heater


REFLECT-O-RAY® 3.5 Radaint Heater


REFLECT-O-RAY® 6.0 Radiant Heater

OMEGA II® 3.5 & 4.0

OMEGA II® 3.5 & 4.0 Radiant Heater

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